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May. 27th, 2011 | 10:14 pm
music: Maple Gunman - An Cafe

I listen to An Cafe now. An Cafe is cool.

Doctor Who references aside, I have actually listened to nothing but An Cafe for several days - when I obsess, I obsess hard; you should all know this by now. And An Cafe are awesome. I'm quite disappointed in myself that I didn't get into Visual Kei as a whole sooner - come on, it's awesome music combined with fabulous clothes and very pretty men, all of which I am incredibly enthusiastic about. XD

Also: I bought my ticket for Supanova Sydney yesterday. So freaking excited I can't even.

Also also: Looking back to my last post - now that I've calmed down a bit (was a bit saddened at having all my shipper dreams crushed), I don't think the Glee finale was so bad. I still had some problems with it (mostly that it didn't even feel like a finale, fo' serious), but I'm less disappointed in it.

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